What is the AWOC for?

AWOC(the Akkeshi Waterfowl Observation Center) was set up as a facility for studying and monitoring waterfowl as well as deepening people's understanding about conservation and wise-use of Lake Akkeshi - Bekanbeushi Marsh which became a Ramsar Site in 1993.

Construction cost and Management

The facility is a wooden building with a total floor area of 329.67 m2. The Japanese Environment Agency invested approximately 2 million U. S. dollars in the construction of the AWOC. The national government entrusts its management to Akkeshi town. (Open-April 1995)

Outline of the facility

Situated of on the first floor is an exhibition room and a lecture theater. It is possible to observe what is happening on the Marsh via a large screen whose image is relayed by observation camera. Furthermore, photographs, explanation panels and 3-dimensional models serve to instruct visitors in manners and rules of the marsh.
On the second floor is an observation corner from which one may appreciate the spectacular sight of the mouth of the Bekanbeushi river as well as Japanese Crane and many seasonal birds breeding.

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